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Installation & Care


Please take a minute to read through our installation and care tips before you receive your turf grass sod.
Begin laying sod at a straight edge such as a sidewalk, driveway, curb, or string between two stakes. When sodding your whole yard, it is recommended that you work from the backyard to the front. Stagger the rows as if you were laying bricks with the seams butted together tightly but not overlapping. Once an area of approximately 200 square feet is installed, begin watering immediately.
Keep rotating sprinklers on to freshly laid sod while continuing to install the remainder of your yard. Sod is perishable, therefore this will help keep the sod moist and prevent it from drying out.
The first day of watering is the most crucial. Your sod must be saturated before you turn in for the evening.
Rolling is not necessary to do, but is an option. If you see lumps in your yard and wish to roll them out, do so within the first week. To ensure successful rolling be sure your lawn is very damp before rolling. When rolling your turf grass, be sure to pull the roller along and not push it. Rollers can be rented from your local general rental store.


  • Sod must always be laid within 24 hours of delivery.
  • During hot temperatures sod must be laid the same day as delivery – Your sod is in shock from being cut and brought to its new home.
  • WATER…..WATER…..WATER…..WATER… the cure! – As you install your new sod, be sure to have the sprinklers going right away. Start your sprinklers once you have an area installed large enough that you won’t get wet as you continue to lay your new sod.
  • On the first day, if you have not completely soaked the sod throughout the day, be sure to water all night as well. Normally, you do not want to water after 6:00pm, this is prime time for fungus to start growing.

  • WATER YOUR SOD EVERY DAY FOR 3 WEEKS. Your sod is like a wet sponge. It is moist when it’s laid down and if it’s not watered immediately, the sod will shrink and will not return to its original size when finally watered, which can lead to cracks between each roll. If your sod looks dry or has a bluish look, the sod has already been damaged and is dying…. water immediately! When you water everyday it takes less water to keep the sod moist.
  • WATER long enough so that when you step onto the sod it’s squishy, or set a tuna can out by the sprinkler and when it’s filled, move your sprinkler to a new area. If you use a pulsating sprinkler, it should take approximately 45 minutes. If you have an oscillating sprinkler, you will need to water the area longer, about 1 hour. If you have a sprinkler system, set each zone for 45 minutes. Also, remember to make sure that the areas being watered over-lap, otherwise you will get a line area where your sod will dry up and die. If it rains, consider that a day of watering, not a week.
  • Sod should be mowed within 7-10 days after installation. Cut your grass 2 – 2 ½ ” high at all times. Very short grass is not healthy grass and be sure to pick up your clippings with a bag catcher on your mower at all times.
  • AFTER THREE WEEKS, WATER YOUR SOD EVERY OTHER DAY, your turfgrass should be forming roots at this point. In other words, your sod roots have gone down into your soil and have taken hold. You can then set your sprinkler zones for about 20 minutes each.

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Our sod needs at least 50% of the daily sunlight.
Aerating should be done once a year, and it is generally best to do it in the spring. Aerating is pulling plugs of sod/soil out of the ground, allowing air to get into the subsoil to get to the root of the plant, effectively stopping compaction. Once aerating is complete, fertilize your lawn and water immediately; this will get fertilizer to the root of the plant as well, creating a strong root structure. Aerators can be rented at the local general rental store, or we can put you in touch with a lawn care professional who can do it for you.
De-thatching should be done once a year in the early spring, usually in April. If your lawn gets too green and too thick, it’s too late in the spring to de-thatch. De-thatching allows you to get the thatch out of the grass, allowing air to get at the base of the plant and gives it a healthy start in the spring after a long winter.
Delivery & Pick Up

Curbside Pick-Up also available

B&B Hoffman Sod Farm works with a wide variety of sod delivery customers from all over Minnesota to fulfill all of their lawn and landscape needs.

Delivery & Pick Up

Curbside Pick-Up also available

B&B Hoffman Sod Farms works with a wide variety of sod delivery customers from all over Minnesota to fulfill all of their lawn and landscape needs.

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