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Why Choose Us?

We want you to have the best lawn on the block that is easy to maintain!

About B&B Hoffman Sod Farms

B&B Hoffman Sod Farms is located in Elk River, MN servicing the Greater Twin Cities Area since 1989. Today, we are also serving area of North Dakota, South Dakota and Western Wisconsin. Our family sod farm grows, harvests and delivers the highest quality Kentucky Bluegrass Turf in Minnesota. We are committed to growing a superior product at a low price, and we pride ourselves on impeccable customer service.

Our Mission is Simple

Grow the best sod for your lawn, provide you with the tools and resources you need to install our turf properly, and be there for you when you have any questions or problems.


For 3 generations, the Hoffman Family has been producing high-quality sod in Minnesota for homeowners, landscapers, and builders. First and foremost, B&B Hoffman Sod is a family run company. Our family is rooted, no pun intended, in the sod growing business and we are committed to developing and cultivating the very best turfgrass in Minnesota. Our family’s name is not just on our trucks, it’s also in every blade of grass we grow, every delivery we make, and every question we answer for you. We truly believe this is what makes our company so strong.


The father-son team does the dirty work out in the fields growing, maintaining, and cultivating Kentucky Blue Grass. They are the ones responsible for the quality and resilience of our sod. In the office, the mother retired from doing all the inside work, and now the daughter and her team ensure that the phones are answered, the bills are paid, and the deliveries scheduled. They work together to guarantee your delivery arrives on time, and your questions are answered right away. As well as, the grandchildren/children have even taken on responsibilities of helping with field work and some office help.