B&B Hoffman Sod – June Blog

In early June, grass begins to develop seeds. Because of the way it looks, some think that it’s weeds, but it isn’t. It’s a process called seeding out and is nature taking care of itself by reproducing itself and making more grass blades. While this happens, continue to mow your lawn to 3 inches high and apply your second round of fertilizer (the first should have been done toward the end of April or in early May).

Early summer is also a good time for weed control, which helps provides a healthy, beautiful lawn. Weed control treatments control annual grassy weeds and broadleaf weeds. Proper summer lawn care fertilizing and weed control will lead to fewer weeds, thicker, greener turf and a heartier stress-resistant lawn.

Another thing to note in summer months is that healthy lawns need at least one inch of water per week. If it doesn’t rain, we suggest watering twice a week and applying a half-inch of water per session. You can use a rain gauge or empty soup can placed nearby to measure the amount of water you are applying.

B&B Hoffman Sod Farms can help get your yard back in shape with its supply of fertilizer. Or for lawns in need of serious repair, B&B Hoffman provides easy-to- use small rolls that make laying turfgrass yourself easy and efficient. There is no expensive machinery needed, making Small Sod Rolls the do-it- yourselfers product of choice.

To learn more about summer lawn care and the products that B&B Hoffman Sod Farms offers, visit them online at bbhoffmansodev.wpengine.com or call 763-434- 6572.

How to Get your Lawn Back in Shape Before Summer’s Outdoor Events

Spring is a great time to get your lawn back in shape after the harsh winter and get it ready for summer events including graduation parties, weddings, BBQs and family reunions.

Using a good fertilizer with a weed and feed (dandelions are here!) is a great place to start repairing the damage from winter. B&B Hoffman Sod Farms in Elk River sells bags of weed and feed fertilizer. If you have some particularly bad spots, you can pick up a few rolls of sod while you’re there for an “instant fix.”

Other things to do in the spring include raking to remove thatch and leaves to get air to the lawn. If your lawn has a lot of traffic, you’ll want to watch for compaction. If your soil is compacted, it will have less room to hold the air and water that keep it healthy. This makes it harder for the roots to penetrate the soil and harder for fertilizers to be absorbed into the soil.

To treat a compacted lawn, aerate the soil at the beginning of the growing season. Aerating will cause there to be larger spaces in the soil and allow more oxygen, fertilizer, nutrients and water to penetrate. The day before you plan to aerate, water the lawn thoroughly to make the process easier. Small lawns can be aerated with special sandals with spikes attached to the bottom that aerate the lawn as you walk around. Larger lawns may require a petrol-powered core aerator, which can be rented.

Following these spring lawn-care tips can help get your yard in perfect shape before summer’s outdoor events. To learn more about spring lawn care and the products that B&B Hoffman Sod Farms offers, visit them online at bbhoffmansodev.wpengine.com or call 763-434- 6572.