June is an important month for lawn care. Keeping grass vibrant and healthy can be challenging, as temperatures rise and sun exposure reaches its max. Follow the tips below to enjoy a beautiful lawn, all summer long.


The ideal grass length to encourage deeper, cooler root growth, is 3 inches. If grass is too short, brown spots may appear, leading to higher occurrences of weeds and disease. Avoid mowing in the middle of the day, as newly cut grass may be damaged in hot summer heat.


A healthy lawn consistently needs about an inch and a half of water each week. Since weather patterns are often unpredictable, watering is recommended. If you don’t own a rain gauge, and are able to use a sprinkler or irrigation system, set your sprinkler for 20 minutes, three times per week. It is better to water for longer periods, less often, rather than shorter amounts, each day. Watering in the early morning and late evening will ensure a better soaking, as temperatures are cooler and less water is evaporated. During dry spells, check your city watering regulations.


To maintain a healthy lawn, fertilize and use weed control. Crabgrass preventer should be applied in May with a second round of slow-release fertilizers spread in June.  Make sure to select the right kind of fertilizer for your lawn type.

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