Minnesota summers are short, sweet and the best time to live life outdoors. But, what fun is your yard if the grass is patchy, weedy, and uncomfortable to walk on? The basis for enjoying the outdoors and your yard is a lush lawn. Spending some time maintaining your grass requires a little more than watering and mowing but it will pay off. To enjoy soft green grass all summer long you will need to manage weeds and pests, and make sure your lawn has the nutrients it needs to handle the summer heat. Below are a few tips on how you can help your lawn flourish this summer and next.

Early Summer

  1. Treat for Pests & Weeds: Check with your local lawn care company about applying weed control and spraying for pests. You can also find weed and pest controls at a local hardware store to tackle it on your own.  
  2. Mow: Mow your grass high in the early summer and leave the grass clippings to break down and help feed the grass.
  3. Feed: Feeding in the early summer helps strengthen your lawn so it has a better chance to fight heat and drought conditions. We recommend a blend of fertilizer similar to 5-14-42 in the summer.

Mid Summer

  1. Water: Water deeply to ensure strong root growth. The goal is to water long enough to have the water penetrate the soil between 4-6 inches deep.
  2. Mow: Mow your grass to its specified type height, usually around 2 ½ to 3 inches. Taller grass is a natural weed repellent and allows deeper root growth. Shorter grass dries easily, often turning brown and spreading disease.

Late Summer

  1. Sharpen your Mower Blade: Dull blades can tear grass causing it to lose moisture more readily.
  2. Water in the Morning: Watering between 6 and 10 AM helps lessen the chances of water evaporation due to the summer heat.
  3. Watch for Weeds: If weeds reemerge, continue to spot spray.

If your lawn is looking less than desirable and you’re tired of it, give us a call to chat about installing natural turf grass for an instant transformation. Each piece is grown in uniform thickness and bred to be dark green, soft, and durable to withstand harsh climates. As a locally owned business with years of service, we can help you achieve a green, lush lawn that you can enjoy all summer long! Call us today at 763-434-6572 or email us at sales@bbhoffmansod.com

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