Spring is just around the corner and that means graduation, hosting and bonfire season isn’t much further. If a graduation party (or any party) is scheduled to unfold at your place, you may be a little worried looking at the current state of your yard. Winter weather can leave your lawn in rough shape. To help bring your yard back to it’s best self, it is important to do some spring clean up and maintenance. Here are some tips to help bring your yard back to life and keep it thriving throughout the summer.

Rake and Clear Out

Starting NOW, grab your rake and collect the leaves, twigs, dead grass left by voles & field mice and other debris that has accumulated in your yard over the winter. The more material you have on the ground, the harder it will be for your lawn to get the nutrients it needs.


De-thatching should be done every spring, de-thatching allows you to get the thatch (dried out, dead grass and organic debris) out of the grass, allowing air to get at the base of the plant which gives it a healthy start in the spring after winter. This can be done at the end of April or Early May weather dependent.

Apply Fertilizer

By applying fertilizer you are helping supplement your lawn with nutrients it has lost over the winter. We suggest you apply a 5-14-42 fertilizer in the spring. You get the most traction with fertilizer in May and June therefore we recommend applying it once the snow is gone for good and reapply in 4-6 weeks.  In the fall you should use a blend of 20-10-10 to winterize your lawn. With proper fertilizing, you will minimize the number of weeds as your grass will be thick enough to overcrowd the weeds.

Consider Aerating Your Lawn

Aerating should be done once a year, and it is generally best to do it in the spring. Aerating is pulling plugs of sod/soil out of the ground, allowing air to get into the subsoil to get to the root of the plant, effectively stopping compaction. If you decide to aerate your lawn be sure to fertilize and water immediately; this will get fertilizer to the root of the plant as well, creating a strong root structure. This can be done mid-May or in June.

Is Your Grass too Far Gone?

If your yard has bare spots or you are wanting an instant refresh, consider natural grass. Our natural grass brings a yard from bare soil to a living carpet of grass with mature density and a solid root system that looks great instantly. No more waiting until mid-summer for the perfect yard!

Sod creates a soft, clean, and safe playing surface for children and pets, and provides a great environment for family entertaining and gatherings. Learn more about sod and the products B&B Hoffman Sod Farms offers by visiting us online at bbhoffmansodev.wpengine.com or call 763-434- 6572.

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